Oklahoma fast-food employee busted after customer finds baggy of meth in order

11 months ago

Skiatook news, Oklahoma news.

Skiatook, Oklahoma authorities said in a Facebook post that they have arrested a fast-food employee after he was linked to a baggy of meth found in a customer’s order.

Police officers rushed to the restaurant after a baggy of a crystalline substance was discovered in a customer’s order.

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  • The substance tested positive for meth and after interviewing all employees, Bryce Francis was arrested on distribution and possession of a controlled substance.

    “When you go out to eat, please check the food, especially before consuming it or handing it to a child. If you encounter anything like described in this incident, please contact us immediately,” the post read.

    And for the customer who was supposed to receive the baggy, the post added: “It is waiting for you at the Skiatook Police Department. Just swing on by!”