11-foot alligator found in Florida family pool

1 month ago

Charlotte County news, Florida news.

A large alligator was found in the pool of a Florida family, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

The reptile was 10 feet 11 inches long and weighed more than 550 pounds, the sheriff’s office added in a Facebook post.

“A Deep Creek family was awakened by some loud noises on their lanai and came out to find this guy taking a dip in their pool,” the post added.

“Coming in at 10’11 and weighing over 550lbs, he tore through the screen to get to the nice, cool water.”

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  • The post included several pictures of the gator and officers removing it from the property.

    The sheriff’s post asked residents to “always check your pool before diving in” as alligators are out and about during the warmer season.

    Always in Florida, a 6-foot gator was discovered in an elementary school in St. Cloud earlier this week.

    Police said that it had been released into a canal away from the residential area.