Man ‘talking about vampires’ fatally shoots firefighter who tried to help him

1 month ago

Palmyra news, Indiana news.

A volunteer firefighter was gunned down late Monday as he tried to help the suspect who ran out of gas along an Indiana highway, police said.

24-year-old Jacob Moore was shot and killed by Justin Moore, 31, at around 9:30 p.m. when pulled over to provide assistance to the gunman and Officer Zachary Holly.

“Officer Holly then returned fire with his department pistol,” the Indiana State Police said in a statement. “Justin Moore fired the shotgun a second time and fatally struck Jacob McClanahan.”

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  • “Officer Holly continued to return fire with his department weapon, fatally striking Justin Moore. Medical aid was given to both gunshot victims after the shooting and numerous officers from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, the Palmyra Fire Department, Harrison County EMS, and the ISP responded to the scene.”

    Moore’s mother said that her son’s mental health was deteriorating recently as he believed he was a werewolf and people are vampires chasing after him.

    “He was talking about vampires following him home. Just crazy nonsense stuff like that, it just doesn’t make any sense.”