Four people, including meteorologist, killed as powerful winds, dust storms ripped through Midwest

11 days ago

Minnehaha County news, Minnesota news.

Authorities in Minnesota and South Dakota reported four fatalities that resulted from strong winds and dust storms late Thursday across Midwest states.

Violent gusts of up to 100 mph stirred up a rare “haboob” dust storm that barreled through both states and flooded streets.

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  • The Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday that a 61-year-old woman was fatally injured south of Colton when a chunk of wood hit her car.

    A second fatality was reported in Blomkest when a grain bin collapsed on a man’s car while he was inside killing him; in Benson, 49-year-old Michael Allen Fifield was swept into a ditch in Swift County while riding his motorcycle without wearing a helmet resulting in mortal wounds.

    The fourth victim was identified as Mexico City Meteorologist Martha Llanos Rodriguez who was chasing the storm system with three other colleagues.