High-on-meth Utah driver runs stop sign, crashes into horse stables killing 2 toddlers

19 days ago

Eagle Mountain news, Utah news.

Two Utah boys were killed Monday evening when an impaired driver crashed his car into an Eagle Mountain horse stable where they were playing.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office said that the 3-year-olds died “instantly” after the crash that occurred at around 7:20 p.m. and involved 25-year-old Kent Cody Barlow.

Barlow was reportedly high on methamphetamine while behind the wheel, traveling at 100 mph before running a stop sign and “weaving or drifting into oncoming traffic,” according to witnesses.

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  • “The car went off the paved road to the right, shattered a vinyl rail fence, smashed through another section of that same steel pole fence, then crashed through a fence panel corral, then his a large cement block anchored in the ground, launched into the air, and then into a lean-to style set of horse stables, coming to a stop upside down,” the sheriff’s statement read.

    The young victims were inside the animal corral playing with toys when Barlow’s car struck both of them and threw them roughly 75 feet away.

    Barlow was seriously injured and admitted to a hospital for treatment; a preliminary drug screen confirmed he was meth-positive at the time of the crash.