Small plane crashes outside General Mills plant, burning parked trailers

8 month ago

Covington news, Georgia news.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a fiery plane crash that occurred outside a Covington, Georgia plant Thursday evening.

The small plane crashed near the General Mills plant where scores of people worked and set several trailers ablaze.

The FAA released a statement confirming that the incident took place at about 7:05 p.m. and involved an “unidentified small plane.”

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  • Dark smoke filled the scene after the plane exploded on impact and triggered more explosions; authorities said that there will be no survivors among the doomed plane’s passengers.

    “We saw what we believe is a wing and possibly a part of an engine, but again it’s a lot of charred metal back there right now,” Captain Ken Malcolm said.

    “The fact that it didn’t crash into the plant saved many lives.”