3 Crosby teens found dead in ‘senseless, tragic’ double-homicide-suicide

4 month ago

Crosby news, Texas news.

A teen had taken their own life after fatally shooting two others at a Crosby home on Tuesday, the Harris County Sheriff Office said.

Deputies rushed to the 4500 block of Wolcik Road where three teenagers’ bodies were found lifeless in a farm-style home when a relative visited Tuesday afternoon.

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  • It is believed the two 17-year-old girls and a 15-year-old boy were killed by the same firearm discovered at the scene. The owner of the residence is currently away, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

    “These are always highly charged, very emotional. We understand that. our condolences go out to their family,” he added describing the double-homicide-suicide as “tragic and senseless.”

    The victims’ identities were not immediately made public.