White House reporters share what they’ll ask President Biden on today’s presser

4 month ago

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One year into the presidency, Biden will today face White House reporters at 4 p.m. to answer their questions about outstanding topics including the pandemic, inflation, and midterms.

“How does he plan to proceed on voting right now that the chances for federal legislation seem nil?” says NPR’s Mara Liasson about what she plans to ask the President today. “Would he accept a BBB bill written by Manchin?”

Politico’s Sam Stein considers questioning the President’s opinion on his sinking approval rates, and the expired child tax credit.

“What is your message to families who were able to lift their children out of poverty because of that and who now have deep financial uncertainty in their lives?”

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  • For The Daily Beast’s Scott Bixby, it would be interesting to learn Biden’s point about Dr. Fauci’s recent statement asserting that all people will get Covid. Does the President “now believe that fully beating the pandemic – a la polio or smallpox – is no longer possible”?

    About that same topic, reporter Adam Cancryn wants to know whether the Biden administration still believes it can eradicate Covid altogether as it initially campaigned.

    “So what will now be good enough for Biden, and what level of living with Covid does he think Americans should accept – and judge him by in November?”

    “I want a proper press conference, one where the press asks hard questions and the President gives straight answers, not just to the networks or to the White House’s favorite reporters either,” a WH correspondent who asked to remain anonymous said. “I’m not asking for much.”