Missing Georgia man's remains found after dog brought human bones to owner

7 month ago

Madison news, Georgia news.

A missing Georgia man was found dead a year since his disappearance after a dog brought one of his bones to his owner last month.

Remains of Chanceler “CJ” James McCall, 23, were located under a pile of leaves on Dec. 16, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

McCall had vanished on Dec. 28, 2020, after witnesses saw him being shot dead outside his Decatur home and then loaded into the trunk of his car and taken away.

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  • “His car was located a few hours later at another location having been burned,” police said. Two suspects had been arrested in connection with the murder.

    The GBI said that the owner of a dog called them to report what he believed was a suspicious bone the animal had brought home. Police later confirmed that the bone was human and placed a tracking device on the pooch, leading them to the rest of McCall’s remains.

    “We’re always glad to give a family some closure,” Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley said after positive identification of the remains.

    “When you don’t know where your child is, it doesn’t give you closure.”