Florida man tasered in court after jumping railing, interrupting proceedings during wife’s hearing

2 months ago

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The sentencing hearing of a Florida mother accused of child abuse had an awkward moment when her husband jumped the railing and tried to intervene in Friday proceedings.

Gregory Carrasquillo had to be tasered and arrested after trying to approach defendant Crystal Carrasquillo, 24, moments before she was sentenced to 10 years.”

“At that time, one of the deputies deployed their taser, successfully contacting Gregory on his lower body,” the Sheriff’s office said. “Gregory then complied and was placed under arrest.”

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  • Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell thanked court bailiffs for their quick response.

    “Bailiffs play an important role in the courtroom throughout the administration of justice. They provide security not only to the judge but to all parties in the room at all times.”

    “While I understand these proceedings can elicit an emotional response from loved ones, my bailiffs simply cannot allow an outburst of this kind. Their actions were swift, appropriate, and necessary to ensure the safety of everyone,” he added.

    Gregory Carrasquillo was since charged with one count of resisting without violence.