Ahmaud Arbery trial: All three suspects convicted of murder after 11 hours of deliberations

one year ago

Brunswick news, Georgia news.

It took 11 hours of deliberations for the jury to convict the three men charged with murdering Ahmaud Arbery of all counts.

Arbery’s shooter, Travis McMichael, was found guilty of malice murder and felony murder, while his father Gregory McMichael was convicted of felony murder charges.

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  • Their neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan was found guilty of felony murder and criminal intent to commit a felony.

    The verdict came after the testimony of 35-year-old Travis McMichael who claimed fatally shooting the young jogger on 23 February 2020 in self-defense while they fought over his gun.

    The trio had pleaded not guilty to the charges. They now face a maximum sentence of life behind bars.