Suspect takes own life ‘feet away’ from cops after killing Georgia deputy earlier this month

25 days ago

Clayton County news, Georgia news.

The manhunt is over for a Clayton County suspect who had fatally shot a deputy on November 4, authorities said late Tuesday.

Fugitive Jordan Jackson was located at an apartment complex in Riverdale at around 5 p.m. when detectives received a tip.

“Jordan Jackson was found hiding out with some friends in Clayton County,” the Henry County Sheriff’s Office said.

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  • “After barricading himself in a room, SWAT teams addressed the situation utilizing tactful methods which resulted in authorities being feet away from Jordan. The suspect took his own life seconds before being captured.”

    Authorities were offering a $60k as a reward for information that may lead to Jackson who gunned down Henry County Police Officer Paramhans Desai, 38, while he responded to a domestic argument involving the suspect.

    The dad-of-two spent days at Grady Memorial Hospital before succumbing to his wounds late Monday.