‘Hard to see’: Recovering drug-addict mom drops heroin stamp bags that her child later finds and ingests

2 months ago

Pittsburgh news, Pennsylvania news.

A Pennsylvania mom had her charges upgraded to third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter following the fatal overdose of her 10-month-old daughter late last month.

27-year-old Melissa Lynn Miller was standing in her doorway holding her unresponsive baby on Sept. 25 and told cops: “Please Sir, she needs Narcan.”

Miller later explained that she was recovering from her drug addiction but stumbled upon old stamp bags that she put in her waistband and did not notice that the bags had dropped and the baby found them.

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  • “We’re seeing more and more instances where people have their drugs within arm’s reach of children and it’s especially lethal since more and more of these drugs are laced with fentanyl,” expert Karen Pavan said.

    John DeLuca, Ambridge Police Chief, described the incident as “hard to see.”

    “It’s devastating for the family; the child has no reason or blame for what happened – a 10 months old baby girl. It’s just the heroin crisis we’re in.”