Son, 35, stabs both parents two death at home before getting hit in car crash

8 days ago

Houston news, Texas news.

A 35-year-old Texas man was charged Wednesday with capital murder after fatally stabbing his parents at a north Houston residence the previous night.

Police responded to Nickie Costello’s home at 308 East Tidwell Road where the bodies of both his parents layed lifeless behind an opened door.

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  • The victims were identified as 56-year-old Jackie Costello and David Morgan, 50. Authorities said that their son attacked them amid an argument at around 9:19 p.m.

    The 35-year-old was involved in a car crash as he escaped, police added. He sustained injuries and was taken to a hospital to receive treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

    Houston Police’s Homicide detectives had initially reported the suspect also had a stab wound.