Investigators reveal 6-year-old girl who fell to death at Haunted Mine Drop ride had not put her seatbelt

27 days ago

Glenwood Springs news, Colorado news.

Investigators said that the 6-year-old girl who fell 110 feet to her death had not put on her seatbelt before riding the Haunted Mine Drop attraction in Glenwood, Colorado.

Wongel Estifanos was on vacation with her family during the Labor Day weekend when they visited the underground freefall drop.

The probe into her death revealed that the girl sat on two seatbelts that were fastened together and the ride operators, being newly hired, did not check whether she was buckled before the tragedy.

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  • “Operators took several incorrect actions and reset the ride seatbelt monitors which allowed them to dispatch the ride,” the detectives’ statement attested.

    Attorney Dan Caplis, who represents the child’s family, assumed that the fatality was the fault of the park, not the rider.

    “The park was fully responsible to endure everyone was restrained. This is not one of those rides where the rider is responsible for anything, including buckling themselves in.”

    “The park is supposed to do all of that. The report makes it clear that this could have been so easily prevented.”