Retired homicide detective found dead in freezer at Riverside home shared with daughter

1 month ago

Riverside news, California news.

Authorities in Riverside, California are awaiting autopsy results to decide whether to file charges against a woman whose elderly mom was found in a freezer Sunday.

Police identified the decedent as Miriam Travis, an 86-year-old retired homicide detective with the LASD. Her body was discovered in the freezer of her New Bridge Drive home at around 9:35 a.m. Sunday.

“It’s a tragedy as you can imagine,” neighbor Randy Hayes said. “I don’t think any of us can imagine having our mom in a freezer right?”

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  • “Very nice lady, they kept to themselves, we watched over our place and they watched over ours when we were on vacations and stuff. I’ve never heard problems coming from the house…never heard arguments of that sort.”

    Investigators said that out-of-state relatives called 911 requesting a wellness check after not hearing from Travis in a couple of months.

    “I asked the daughter she came out she was real secretive and she was hiding behind the car and I say ‘Carol where’s Miriam? You tell her I said hello,’ she says ‘oh she in the house’ oh ok,” another neighbor said.

    “There were some inconsistencies with her story to her mom’s whereabouts the officers detained the daughter.”