Death of ex-actor Matthew Mindler ruled suicide; Mom opens up about severe anxiety struggle

2 months ago

Millersville news, Pennsylvania news.

Former actor Matthew Mindler had committed suicide when he left his dormitory last Tuesday, officials said.

The 19-year-old’s mom opened up about her late son’s struggles with mental illness and severe anxiety during the last few months that seemed to have dissipated with him joining Millersville College.

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  • Former juvenile actor, 19, found dead near university campus, one week after he was last seen leaving dorm
  • After starting his classes in mid-August, Matthew kept in touch with mom Monica and appeared to be very engaged in his plans to join an IT firm and make new friends.

    “We appreciate the support, concern, and outpouring of prayers from Millersville University, the students, and the community,” the former actor’s mother said.

    “My heart is crushed and my mind cannot yet fathom this reality.”