Toddler, 2, attending birthday party gets fatally struck by metal object ‘flying off truck’

one year ago

Dallas news, Texas news.

A Texas toddler had passed away this week after sustaining a fatal brain injury during a family birthday party.

On July 11, Delilah Hunt was struck to the head when “a part of a Chevy pickup flew off the engine tank” while she attended a nearby family party.

She was airlifted to a Dallas hospital where she died two days later, her grieving dad wrote on a GoFundMe Page initially for Dalilah’s medical fees.

“By the end of the day my lil girl will be with her grandpa and great-grandma watching down on us,” he wrote on July 14.

“She has her wings now. We are planning a celebration of her life.”

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  • “We are so heartbroken and sad. Thank you to anyone who helps; it means the world.”

    Through tears, the late toddler’s aunt told a local news outlet that she was hit by a pickup truck AC compressor plate.

    “I’m hurt, not mad at anybody for it because it was a freak accident. We’re all in shock.”

    First responder Tim Bilderback described the tragic death as a “random freak accident.”

    “If she was anywhere besides the spot she was sitting in, the injury would not have been as bad.

    Nobody expects that to happen.”