Florida toddler dies with abductor when car crashed into tree: ‘He was a handful’

2 months ago

Plantation news, Florida news.

A Florida toddler had passed away along with his mom’s boyfriend Thursday when their car crashed into a tree.

Ryan Yates, 25, kidnapped Yasmin Cid’s toddler James Oizan-Chapon following an early morning argument.

The three years old died when Yates sped off and lost control of the vehicle while fleeing the boy’s mom.

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  • “I heard two booming sounds right after the crash and then a woman screaming for her baby. She was like, ‘My baby! My baby!’ I actually started crying when I heard that because I felt really helpless,” a witness said.

    The tot’s aunt described him as a “handful” that was fearless and would jump into everything making a mess. He adored chicken nuggets.

    “It’s just so unfortunate and he did not deserve that. He deserved the opportunity to live a full, beautiful life. It’s just very hard. Very hard.”