Texas couple arrested after starvation death of toddler with whom they ‘didn’t bond’ right

1 month ago

Wichita news, Texas news.

A Texas couple has been busted Friday after the death of their one-year-old daughter weighing 8lbs and covered in blisters.

Sage Wright, 22, admitted to authorities that she did not “bond” right with the toddler as she did with her two other children.

Father Christian Bishop Torrence, 24, rushed the tot to a hospital after noticing she struggled to breathe and gasping for air.

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  • But doctors at the hospital observed that the child was visibly underweight, plastered in dirt with her lower back covered in blisters.

    “Even though a small chance exists that a genetic or metabolic problem could cause weight loss, normal newborn screens and the lack of family history would make this highly unlikely,” the forensic exam stated.

    The parents were arrested in connection with the baby’s death. They are being held at the Wichita County Jail on a $500,000 bond each.