Alabama’s nitrogen gas chamber almost ready to be used in executions

3 month ago

Montgomery news, Alabama news.

Authorities in Alabama announced that executions by nitrogen gas will soon be carried out as the “physical build” construction near its end.

An Alabama death row inmate has already asked for information regarding the nitrogen hypoxia protocol.

“The Alabama Department of Correction is nearing completion of the initial physical build for the nitrogen hypoxia system and its safety measures,” Alabama A. G. Steve Marshall said.

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  • “Once the build is completed, a safety expert will make a site visit to evaluate the system and look for any points of concern that need to be addressed.”

    The State Department of Corrections stressed that the nitrogen execution protocol “is still under development, and the physical building modifications to the execution chamber are still in process.”

    “Due to the fact those two items are not yet in a finalized state and potential security concerns exist, that is all we are able to share at this time.”

    Alabama is the third state to pass legislation authorizing nitrogen gas as a method of execution after Mississippi and Oklahoma.