‘Love Has Won’ leader’s corpse was mummified, without eyes and glitter-sprinkled; 7 cult members busted

13 days ago

Moffat news, Colorado news.

Colorado authorities said that the body of “Love Has Won” leader was mummified and beyond recognition when discovered inside a trailer home Wednesday.

Amy Carlson, 45, is believed to have died last March and left to decay at a “shrine” property with no eyes, police said adding that her body was “mummified” in a sleeping bag and ornate with Christmas lights.

Carlson’s son Cole told detectives that his mom had been touting colloidal silver as a cure for Covid-19 and had been drinking a lot of it which ultimately caused her death.

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  • “It’s not a great thing, but hopefully this brings an end to the Love Has Won debacle. I hope the damage stops now,” he said.

    Seven sect members were arrested on multiple charges including abuse of a corpse and child abuse.

    Police said that the cult has drawn numerous complaints since it was founded in 2018 particularly over brainwashing vulnerable people and selling fake “spiritual healing products.”