NC School removes mourning post after learning beloved teacher died while robbing Mexican drug cartel

29 days ago

Alamance County news, North Carolina news.

North Carolina Union Academy Charter School has removed a mourning post it had published following the death of one of its most popular and beloved teachers upon learning he had “a double life.”

Barney Dale Harris, 40, died inside a trailer home in Alamance County while he was ransacking drugs and money belonging to the infamous Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

Detectives said that the mobile home was the cartel’s “stash house.” Harris and his surviving brother-in-law Steven Alexander Stewart Jr. ambushed a drug runner with the cartel.

They bound his feet and arms and threatened him to learn about the drugs and money’s location. Then the teacher and his partner shot him twice to the back of the head.

“They were trying to find the money and drugs, and apparently he didn’t give them the information to that,” Sheriff Terry Johnson said.

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  • “And he was technically close range, two bullets the back of the head. He was executed.”

    After that, other cartel members arrived and amid “an old Western shootout” that terrorized the community, Harris died from multiple shots.

    “Mr. Harris, he had a bulletproof vest on, but it did not work with the kind of ammunition that was used,” the Sheriff said. “He had gloves on, and he, they went there to do what was done except they did not think it was going to backfire on them.”

    But Johnson fears that the cartel would still be after Harris’s loved ones in retaliation for their member’s execution.

    “The Mexican cartels, they don’t forget, they’re gonna pay back somebody, somewhere. And that concerns me greatly as sheriff of this county.”