Montana man severely wounded after encounter with grizzly bear in Yellowstone campsite

29 days ago

West Yellowstone news, Montana news.

West Yellowstone authorities said that a 40-year-old man has been mauled by a grizzly bear on Thursday and that an animal had been executed on the scene.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks said that the victim was attacked south of the Baker’s Hole campground.

He managed to escape and call the police but not without sustaining “significant scalp and facial injuries.”

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  • “FWP staff has not yet been able to talk with the man, who was alone during the bear encounter. The man had bear spray with him, but it’s unclear whether he was able to deploy it during the attack.”

    The agency added that while investigating the scene, a bear charged at officials and they shot it dead.

    “They yelled and made continuous noise as they walked toward the site to haze away any bears in the area. Before they reached the site, a bear began charging the group,” the statement said.

    It continued: “Despite multiple attempts by all seven people to haze away the bear, it continued its charge. Due to this immediate safety risk, the bear was shot and died about 20 yards from the group. The bear was an older-age male grizzly.”