Fla. woman arrested on federal charges after sending videos threatening to kill VP to detained husband

29 days ago

Miami news, Florida news.

A Florida nurse is facing serious federal charges after she sent several videos of her threatening to kill Vice President Harris to her jailed husband.

After being confronted with evidence, Niviane Petit Phelps told detectives that she did threaten Harris, but that she “was over it now.”

Authorities were first alerted of Phelps’ recording on March 3. The threats consisted of five videos and two photographs she sent through an app designed for inmates’ families.

“Kamala Harris you are going to die. Your days are numbered already,” she said in one video. “I’m going to the gun range, mark this day down.”

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  • Investigators said that Phelps did apply for a concealed weapons permit. She claimed that she was frustrated the VP was not “actually” Black, and that she held her clutch purse during the inauguration instead of the Bible.

    Also, Phelps believed that if Trump were to be President again, he would set free her incarcerated husband.

    Upon her arrest, the 39-year-old’s mom told reporters that her daughter was “sick” and “doesn’t even know what she’s doing.”

    “My daughter didn’t mean it. I don’t know where this thing coming from. I vote for Biden.”