Armed and Dangerous suspect on the loose after killing 3 people in Austin; Residents asked to shelter in place

29 days ago

Austin news, Texas news.

Two women and a man have been fatally shot Sunday morning outside an apartment complex in Austin, Texas.

Authorities said that the alleged suspect, identified as 41-year-old Stephen Nicholas Broderick, was still at large and considered “armed and dangerous.”

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  • “We don’t know if he is in a vehicle or on foot,” Police Chief Joseph Chacon said. “We are asking for residents to continue to shelter in place.”

    Police added that Broderick had opened fire at the victims at around 11:40 a.m. outside a residential building in the 9600 block of Great Hills Trail.

    The shooting was targeted and seems to be a domestic violence incident. People are urged to stay vigilant and call the police if they spotted the suspect.