Florida cops responding to noise complaint shy away after learning Sheriff is at party: ‘Have a nice night’

2 months ago

Broward County news, Florida news.

Bodycam footage caught the moment a group of Broward Sheriff Officers retreating from a noisy party they were supposed to break up.

The reason, according to sources, was that their boss Sheriff Gregory Tony was among the attendees.

It occurred on March 27 at around 10:30 p.m. when a neighbor called 911 to report unbearable noise coming out of the Parkland residence.

When the officers arrived, they were told that Tony was hanging out in the backyard.

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  • “You guys do whatever you want,” one cop could be heard responding. “Have a nice night.”

    A more courageous officer asked the homeowners to turn the music down, a plea that they completely ignored.

    “I advised them of their neighbor’s concern, and they did not seem to care about that and stated that they would continue,” the deputy wrote in his report.

    But the Sheriff’s spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright insisted that she did not verify Tony’s presence at the party as reported.

    “The deputies responded and determined there was no noise violation. The outcome would have been the same under the same circumstances if someone called in a noise complaint to your home.”