Robbery suspect has own gun turned on him while threatening victim

14 days ago

San Diego news, California news.

The family of a slain robbery suspect insists that the father-of-four was considered a thief and claimed that his murder was a set-up.

The 39-year-old was fatally shot while ransacking a home on Tuesday night. San Diego Police said that the 62-year-old shooter was the victim and owner of the home where the robber was searching for valuables.

The victim managed to take the suspect’s weapon away before firing the gun at him several times.

But relatives of the decedent did not buy this story claiming that the two men knew each other.

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  • “Home invasion? Where did they get that from? It was a set-up,” a relative of the suspect claimed.

    “He knew him. He trusted him and didn’t have problems with him before.”

    “He was coming over here to pick up money, and he came to get his money and he was invited to come in.”

    “The next thing you know, his friend says the dude pulled out a gun and just started shooting him, and his friend ran.”