Woman and ex-boyfriend charged with murder of Philadelphia man whose remains were discovered in U-Haul truck

3 month ago

Philadelphia news, Pennsylvania news.

Authorities in Pennsylvania have approved murder charges against two people accused of robbing, killing, and dismembering a 70-year-old man in February.

Body parts belonging to massage-therapist Peter Gerold were found in the back of a U-Haul truck while other remains were deep-fried and tossed in a dumpster.

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  • Taray Herring, 47, was in the passenger seat of the truck carrying the body. He told detectives that he’d been caring for the decedent’s exotic animals and named his ex-girlfriend as the murderer.

    Herring said Jeanette Pace and her new boyfriend Rafique McNichols, 42 and 39 years old, had broken into Gerold’s residence and stole $3,000 before killing the man.

    In addition to murder, Herring and Pace are facing several other charges including burglary and abuse of a corpse.