Oklahoma inmate shot dead after holding corrections officer hostage

19 days ago

Oklahoma City news, Oklahoma news.

Inmates at an Oklahoma County Jail were protesting their detention conditions Saturday when they took one corrections officer hostage.

Fellow officers had to shot dead an involved inmate to free their colleague who had sustained injuries amid the scuffle.

Footage of the uprising showed an inmate standing over the officer and holing him by the neck while shouting loudly. He then took away the guard’s radio and keys.

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  • “I’m just glad the detention officer wasn’t more seriously hurt and we were able to get him out of there and protect him,” Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley said.

    Inmates at the Oklahoma County Detention Center complained about having no food, no water and couldn’t take showers or use the toilets that are often out of order.

    “The water doesn’t work. The toilet’s backed up. This is what we’re dealing with,” a prisoner said.