Shreveport female officer shot to death while heading to work.

one year ago

A female Louisiana police officer has died after being shot while on her way to work on Wednesday.

Chatéri Payne, 22, was preparing to go on shift when she was shot multiple times, according to Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond.

The shooting happened just before 8:30 p.m. on Midway Avenue in Shreveport’s Caddo Heights neighborhood. Chief Raymond says police are still searching for the suspect.

Payne was transported to the hospital, where she died several hours later. The rookie officer had just graduated from the police academy in November, Raymond said.

Authorities have not spoken publicly about a suspect or motive in the shooting. one person is in police custody but no charges have been filed. That person was in a home in front of where Payne was shot dead.

Payne left a baby daughter behind. Law enforcement agencies from around the region are also showing support for the Shreveport Police Department and Officer Payne.

The shooting remains under investigation for the time being.