New Mexico parents arrested after body of 1-year-old daughter found buried in yard

one year ago

The New Mexico parents accused in the death of their 1-year-old daughter have been arrested on Friday after her body was discovered buried in an Albuquerque yard.

David Zuber, 26, and Monique Romero, 23, were arrested for child abuse resulting in death and tampering with evidence and conspiracy. The events occurred on Dec. 18 when Zuber called his mother and told her that Anastazia, his daughter, had drowned in the bathtub. The family then vanished and police issued a missing person alert for the parents and their children in Jan. 2.

Two days later, the family was located at ab Albuquerque home. The girl's mother admitted that the infant had drowned after she left her with another sibling in the bathtub.

The father then took the lifeless body and buried her in another home's backyard.