Mike Pompeo has begun a Mideast visit to talk to regional leaders about ramping up pressure on Iran.

one year ago

Mike Pompeoa, the US Secretary of State, has begun a visit to the Middle East to discuss with regional leaders the growing pressure on Iran.

The trip comes as contradictory statements by the Trump administration about the planned withdrawal of US troops from Syria are confusing.

The first stop at Pompeo Tuesday was west of Jordan, followed by visits to Egypt and the Gulf States.

According to his statement to reporters, he planned to talk to the allies about "modalities by which we may continue to apply pressure" on Iran, which Washington has described as a sponsor of terrorism.

Pompeo is expecting to face questions about the sudden announcement last month that US troops have left northeastern Syria to help combat the remains of the Islamic State.

He did not give a calendar. Asked about the confusion among the allies, he replied: "I have already spoken to them all.