New England kidnapping, A man sexually assaulted a woman in Pennsylvania

one year ago

The authorities said that a man who forced a woman and her child into a New Hampshire car then sexually assaulted the woman.

Police said Everett Simpson, 41, forced a woman and her child to get in their car in front of the New Hampshire Mall in Manchester on Saturday and headed for Vermont. The authorities said he had sexually assaulted women. When the woman and the child arrived at the security, they called the police.

The Vermont State Police, the FBI and the Hartford Police Department collaborated on the search.

On Sunday afternoon, police in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, attempted to traffic without an automated system that informed the vehicle involved in the robbery, according to Vermont police. The car did not stop, followed by a chase.

The car was finally abandoned and the police were looking for the driver when another vehicle was stolen. He chased the police again and the car crashed against the telephone pole.

Police in Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania, took the driver into custody and was identified as Simpson. Vermont police said he was taken to the hospital.

Simpson faces the extradition process in Vermont and is expected to face federal charges of car theft, kidnapping and sexual assault. The US Attorney's Office in Burlington, Vermont coordinates criminal prosecution.