California convicted murderer caught celebrating DA George Gascon’s resentencing directive with cellmate

1 month ago

Los Angeles news, California news.

Phillip Dorsett and his cellmate were caught on a video celebrating the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s decision to resentence inmates that had served 15 years behind bars.

Dorsett was ordered to serve 40 years in jail for the fatal shooting of a rival gang member in 2005. He is being held at New Folsom State Prison.

“Right here with my cellie,” Dorsett says in the video. “Some white lightning, a little cup, boom! Celebrating us going home on this Gascon directive. Whoop!”

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  • The CDAA condemned Gascon’s rulings and asked him “to abandon his reckless policies that put violent criminals like Dorsett back on the streets.”

    “Recent footage of convicted murderer Phillip Dorsett celebrating George Gascon is compelling proof that violent criminals, not victims, will be the biggest beneficiaries of his radical policies,” the association’s chief executive officer Greg Totten said.

    “No one is celebrating George Gascon more than violent criminals.”