Homeless grandma who refused to leave makeshift home found frozen under DC bridge

3 month ago

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A homeless woman’s body was found under a DC bridge early Wednesday as temperatures reached 30 degrees, authorities said.

58-year-old Angela Hill was found dead under the highway overpass of the John Philip Sousa Bridge where she’d been living for the last decade.

“We tried to get her inside but she refused,” Hill’s relative said. “So family would actually go by all the time and visit with her and make sure she was OK. We tried to get her help but weren’t trained in how to help her.”

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  • Hill’s daughter said that the homeless woman struggled with mental health issues including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and completely rejected the idea of leaving her makeshift home under the freeway.

    “It’s just been a really tough, tough struggle trying to keep her alive out there,” the grieving daughter said. “At times, we tried to take her physically somewhere, and she would fight. My mom was most comfortable where she was.”

    “She wasn’t just the lady under the bridge. She had a family that loved her and we still do.”