‘Incredible sacrifice’: Boy, 10, dies after jumping to frozen waters, saving younger sister’s life by holding her up

4 month ago

Millington news, Tennessee news.

A Tennessee boy is hailed a hero after he died saving his younger sister’s life when she slipped into a frozen pond as they played Sunday.

Benjamin Luckett, 10, was pronounced dead at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital while his 6-year-old sister Abigail remained on a ventilator for days as she recovers.

Shelby County firefighters rushed to the scene where the siblings and another brother were playing before the tragedy.

Detectives said that Abigail had fallen through an icy pond prompting Benjamin to jump and try to help her but instead, they both could not get out.

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  • The other brother called the dad for help and Abigail was pulled out. Benjamin, however, couldn’t be saved, according to the rescuers.

    “They said the best they could tell, he was trying to keep her above water,” Pastor Stacy Stilgenbauer said. “So, it’s an incredible sacrifice that he was willing to make to save his little sister.”

    “Christine, the mother, has told me a couple of times to make sure we thank people. To tell them we are extremely thankful for the prayers.”

    Following the incident, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office urged residents to be cautious around frozen lakes, ponds, and pools.

    “The ice is not thick enough to support your weight. Stay safe during these hazardous winter days.”