DeKalb County latest homicide:woman shot to death,killer still free.

one year ago

A man was walking on Eastwood in Decatur when he found the body of the missing woman who went out before Christmas Eve and never returned.

59-year-old Laura Cooley, whose body was found Dec. 23 lying face-down along Eastwood Drive in a neighborhood off Candler Road.

the victim who was living with her mother used to go out as she pleased but always head home, that night she did not come back as usual.

Her brother, Wes Cooley, got a call from the county coroner last Saturday that his missing sister was shot to death.

“I was in shock,” he added, "Christmas Eve, my sister was laying on the street, dead,"

Wes Cooley said he wants justice for his older sister.

"Just come forward. If you are a man, be a man. I do not think you had to shoot her like that," Cooley said.

investigators who are currently investigating a string of homicide murders that occurred in the same location where Laura was found said her case is isolated, dismissing the possibility of a link between the three murders.

the family is preparing a funeral for the beloved sister this weekend.