Las Vegas man used $2 million in federal relief funds to buy all-the-rage cars, lavish condos

1 month ago

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A Las Vegas man is behind bars after authorities uncovered his fraudulent plan to get $2 million in federal Covid relief funds between April and June of the last year.

Jorge Abramovs allegedly applied for the Paycheck Protection Program claiming that he owned multiple companies including the National Investment Group Corporation, and the National Legal Advisors In Care Of National Investment Group.

He also claimed that he had 18 employees with an average monthly payroll of $64,797 before changing his mind and raising the numbers to 49 employees and $55,235 payroll.

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  • The complaint concluded that Abramovs ultimately received $1,986,737.46 in fraudulent loans he spent on his personal fancy desires.

    The suspect purchased a 2020 Bentley Continental GT Convertible worth $260,982, and a fashionable 2020 Tesla.

    In addition, Abramovs offered himself two lavish condominiums in Las Vegas estimated at $415,000.

    Abramovs now faces bank fraud charges and is being held without bond.