At least 200 DC guardsmen test positive for Covid: ‘They packed us together like sardines in buses and rooms’

1 month ago

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Defense officials have confirmed that at least 200 guardsmen have tested positive for the coronavirus after being sent to the Capitol.

The officers likely contracted the virus due to the crowded conditions of work and rest that could clearly be detected in several photos.

Some National Guard members were reportedly asked to break their quarantine ahead of the Inauguration Day when the need for massive troops was urgent.

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  • “Right after the holidays they packed us together like sardines in buses and rooms for this,” one officer said. “We did not get Covid tests on arrival.”

    They were more than 25,000 National Guardsmen were sent to the Capitol to secure the Inauguration ceremony following the unprecedented breach of the building on Jan. 6.

    Reports said that 7,000 officers will stay in the capital until next month to help local authorities.