Boston cleaning employee inadvertently unplugged freezer, destroying 1,900 Moderna vaccine doses

1 month ago

Boston news, Massachusetts news.

Nearly 2,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine have been destroyed after a cleaning employee accidentally unplugged the freezer they were kept in, according to the Boston Healthcare System officials.

“On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, VA Boston Pharmacy staff discovered that a freezer at the Jamaica Plain campus failed,” Public Affairs Specialist Kyle Toto said.

“As a result, 1,900 doses of the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine stored in the freezer were compromised,” he said adding that the freezer was “in a secure location and had an alarm system installed.”

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  • “The plug was found loose after a contractor accidentally removed it while cleaning.”

    It remains unclear why the alarm system didn’t alert the staff in time.

    “Replenishment doses are in process and we do not foresee disruption of our vaccination effort,” Toto said.