Florida man jumps out of woods to frighten pal who pulls gun’s trigger in response, critically injuring him

1 month ago

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A pair on a trip to the Channel 5 Bridge in the Florida Keys got involved in a horrific shooting early Sunday when a prank between buddies turned bad.

31-year-old Adam Antony Navarro hid in a wooded area surrounding their car’s parking spot and waited for his unaware friend to arrive.

He then jumped out of the trees frightening the armed friend, who startled, pulled his handgun’s trigger, shooting Navarro in the stomach.

Navarro was airlifted to a Miami hospital. His current condition is unknown.

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  • “Detectives are still investigating the incident, but early reports indicate the shooter and the victim were friends – both from Miami – and had been fishing together on the bridge,” Police said.

    “Sometimes at approximately 5:30 a.m., the victim decided to change his clothes slightly and jump from the woods in an effort to scare his friend who was walking back to a vehicle.”

    “The friend drew a 9mm handgun and shot the victim once in the stomach. Trauma Star landed on the bridge and flew the victim to Jackson South Medical Center.”

    “Whether or not charges will be filed remains part of the ongoing investigation,” the statement continued.