Va. security guard tearfully says it was ‘honest mistake’ when he brought loaded gun to Capitol checkpoint

1 month ago

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The Virginia man who was caught trying to enter the Capitol through an inauguration security checkpoint while carrying a gun and ammunition Friday tearfully said he had no bad intentions.

31-year-old Wesley Allen Beeler drove his Ford F-150 up the checkpoint to the Capitol and showed off a credential to be authorized entry.

But when authorities checked his truck, they found a loaded 9mm gun with a high-capacity magazine and 17 rounds of ammunition prompting officers to arrest him.

“It was an honest mistake,” Beeler said adding that he has been working as a security guard for the last week in Downtown Washington.

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    Beeler strongly denied having the 500 rounds of pistol ammunition and hollow-point bullets as alleged by police.

    “It was just me forgetting to take it out of my truck before I left for work. I don’t know what the DC laws are. It still comes back on me, but I’m not a criminal,” he insisted.

    Beeler was released on self-recognizance after being hit with a slew of charges including possession of an unregistered firearm and ammunition.