Following 2nd impeachment, Trump considers options left including resignation

5 days ago

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Sources close to the President told ABC News that he anxiously watched his historic second impeachment being approved by 10 fellow GOP members on Wednesday.

The same sources said that the President insisted to top aides that he doesn’t plan to resign but held meetings to discuss the next steps to adopt following the House impeachment.

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  • Aides deterred Trump from giving testimony during the Senate trial. He also has been told that a resignation process would need the Vice President’s pardon, which is not granted at the moment.

    The sources informed ABC News that Trump’s defense will be led by Rudy Giuliani, Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, and lawyer John Eastman.

    Following yesterday’s vote to impeach him for the second time, Trump issued a video statement condemning the Capitol’s violence, but without mentioning the impeachment.