Recent poll reveals that majority of Americans wants Trump removed from office following Capitol breach

5 month ago

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Ten days away from the end of his Presidency term, the majority of Americans want Trump out of office immediately after the Capitol mayhem perpetrated by his supporters.

The Ipsos/ABC News survey showed that 56 percent of the participants wanted their current but outgoing President removed from office before the official transition.

Nearly 43 percent of others find, however, that it would be wiser to wait for Jan. 20 while 43 percent of them believed his recent actions were to blame for the DC riots.

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  • Those who think Trump should be ousted from office are mainly Democrats, with 94 percent compared to a minority of Republicans that didn’t exceed 13 percent.

    Among the independents, 58 percent supported the move.

    The majority of Americans, 67 percent, blamed the President for the last chaos in the Capitol building while only 15% saw he had nothing to do with it.