Florida Gators player collapses face down just after alley-oop dunk; Covid’ lasting complication suspected

6 month ago

Tallahassee news, Florida news.

A totally unexpected and shocking moment took place during a fierce basketball game that opposed Gators to Seminoles when one of the former team’s players collapsed face-first to the floor.

Florida University’s Keyontae Johnson was reported to be in critical but stable condition after his sudden collapse during the game just after he completed an alley-oop dunk.

The Gators’ star was carried out on a stretcher and rushed to Tallahassee Memorial hospital surrounded by devastated teammates.

Even players of the Seminoles were caught in tears after the incident as officials suggested delaying the game.

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  • “We’re just all hopeful and praying that he’s OK. If it affected our players in an emotional way, I can imagine what the situation was with his teammates,” Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton said.

    But Gators’ coach Mike White chose to continue the game that they would ultimately lose 71-83 to the Seminoles.

    Johnson has contracted the coronavirus last summer but totally recovered since. It is not clear if the viral illness has something to do with his collapse.

    Experts said that Covid can cause heart infection leading to sudden cardiac arrest regardless of the patient’s age or health state.