5 Tulsa boys escaped from facility to get swept by river, 1 died: ‘They got into more than they bargained for’

1 month ago

Tulsa news, Oklahoma news.

One of five adventurous boys who ran away from a residential care facility in Tulsa was found dead after drowning in the Arkansas River Monday.

The body of Rylan Harris, 13, was recovered from waters on Tuesday following an extensive search operation to locate him and four other juveniles who escaped Tulsa Boys’ Home to go to Walmart without permission.

“We’re hopeful, in a best-case scenario, this boy made it out of the river to safety.

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  • But in speaking to the three boys he was with, they saw him go into the water, and he appeared to be in distress, and they did not see him make it to the shore,” police said before Harris’ finding.

    The treatment facility director Gregg Conway said that the four other runaways are now safe after they “got into way more than what they bargained for,” when they tried to cross the Arkansas River.

    Tulsa Boys’ Home is a residential facility where troubled and drug-addicted children are treated. The juveniles are placed there by the Department of Human Services or by legal guardians.