Father-of-3 hunting fatally shot by fellow hunter mistaking him for deer at dusk

3 month ago

Nebish Township news, Minnesota news.

Minnesota authorities said that a hunter had fatally shot another mistaking him for a deer late last month.

28-year-old Lukas R. Dudley, of Bemidji, was hunting at dusk on Nov. 25 near Red Lake Reservation, Nebish Township, when he was gunned down.

The shooter spotted rustling in the woods and, thinking it was a deer, he fired his rifle in that direction.

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  • When realizing his horrible mistake, the hunter called 911 and asked for help. Authorities said he is cooperating with their investigation.

    “Dudley was found not to be wearing typical blaze orange or other high-visibility clothing,” police said.

    “The deceased was transported to the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.”

    The victim worked as a logger and was a father to three children. He “enjoyed hunting, fishing, being outdoors, and cooking.”