California officers and SWAT team responded to prank call from 12-year-old boy

6 month ago

Santa Rosa news, California news.

A California child has been arrested Tuesday after making a prank 911 call that prompted a heavy response from officers including a SWAT team.

The 12-year-old boy called police to report that his armed mom had gunned down his father and locked herself in the bathroom with the gun.

He provided a fake address to Santa Rosa dispatchers that sent numbers of officers and a SWAT team to the apartment.

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  • The boy told detectives that he will be waiting for them outside the home, but wasn’t there when they arrived. They talked to the home’s occupants who had no idea of the incident.

    Authorities tracked down the youngster and arrested him at a different address where he actually lived.

    The Sonoma County District Attorney will decide if the child should be prosecuted.