Lab owner sentenced to 15 years for falsifying test results in custody cases

5 days ago

Dale County news, Alabama news.

An Alabama lab doctor has been ordered to serve 15 years in jail for falsifying an undetermined number of drug tests that led to many parents losing custody of their children.

Brandy Murrah was busted in 2019 after coming into detectives’ scrutiny over erroneous drug and paternity test results.

Many of her victims testified against her despite her pleading guilty to perjury and 16 counts of forgery earlier this year.

One of them, Jennifer Severs, lost custody of her three children when Murrah’s A&J Lab Collections ruled she was positive for meth and marijuana.

Severs submitted a second sample to another lab and the results came back clean.

Another mother, Grace Locke, fought her drug addiction for two years in the hopes of regaining custody of her two children, but after all that effort, Murrah’s lab stated she was meth positive.

Locke’s 3-month-old newborn also tested positive for meth, erroneously, and she lost custody of her third child for three weeks.